Let's end cash flow crunches - FOR GOOD.

If you're a professional services business doing $500K-2M in revenue annually and still experiencing cash flow issues...

it's time for a change.

The 2 Day Profit Accelerator will help you:

  • Experience continuous ease and confidence around your company's finances.
  • Know EXACTLY how much to spend, on what, and when.
  • Stop scraping by and build a healthy, resilient company that thrives through even the toughest season.

You’re not alone.

Nearly 1/3 of business fail because they run out of cash, and most cash flow issues are a long time in the making.

You may have thought you were doing all the right things, but the truth is that too many business owners have been operating on bloated budgets for way too long.

When cash is tight, they think more revenue is the answer... but more expenses always seem to follow.

It’s the entrepreneurial rat race, and it's only a matter of time before the bubble bursts.

When it does, you end up asking yourself these questions:

"When will it end?"

The sales keep rolling in. Maybe you're even growing. You hoped by now you'd be stable, on track to achieving the financial freedom you've always dreamed of...

But the financial hits keep coming, one after another. Now, with a possible recession looming, relief is nowhere on the horizon.

Instead of "living the dream," you're pouring personal money into your company, cutting your own pay, and taking out debt to meet the company's ever-growing obligations. You don't know how much longer you can scrape by.

"What am I doing wrong?"

You keep thinking you're making the right moves. You've been careful with debt, attempted to save, and even shown profits year after year.

Why isn't it enough?

You feel responsible. You don't know what you're doing wrong or how long these issues have been brewing, and you feel sick with the knowledge that your business's success (or failure) is riding on your shoulders.

You just don't know what to differently.

"Will we survive?"

A year ago, you were sure you'd be through this by now. But as the cash flow stays tight, as you continue to experience one crunch after another, you've begun to wonder if you'll make it through this at all.

How much longer can you run this business before the taps run dry?

It's more than the business you love. Your heart is with your family, your team, your clients. The communities you serve. The impact you're out to make in the world.

What happens to them if you don't make it?

The cash flow issues didn't happen overnight.

The global pandemic and looming recession may have exacerbated the problems, but the same issues so many are facing today would have caught up with them sometime.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can get through this, and it is possible to eliminate cash flow crunches - FOR GOOD.

And here's the best news: The solution that will get you through this crisis will also make your company stronger, more resilient, and better prepared to operate through any season, guaranteed.

Once your company is stable, you will use the same skills and systems to predict and prepare for whatever the future holds.

About Your Coach

Stacey Bennett is a numbers nerd with a heart for serving others. With a background in accounting and years of coaching and mentoring experience in a variety of settings, she landed on profit coaching with a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses thrive.

Through her work, Stacey has helped countless individuals and businesses understand and improve their financial standing. Her approach incorporates education and support, giving clients the tools and systems they need to make sound decisions about their money.

Outside of work, Stacey enjoys mountain drives and morning runs, adventuring to new places, and spending weekends at home with her husband, pets, and plants.

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